One thing that I am glad I nolonger have to deal with...


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Snow tire package for sale. Includes 14" black steel rims (you can fit any set of 14" hubcaps to it) and 14" Dunlop Graspic Studless snow tires. I forgot which size the tires are (I guess I could go look in my garage). The lug pattern is 4x100mm and will fit many cars. The snow tires were used for 3 winters in Grand Forks and have a lot of tread left. Dunlop Graspics are great snow tires and provide incredible grip in the ice and snow. Tires are already mounted and balanced! Price for set of 4 wheels and 4 snow tires is $100 plus shipping from San Diego (shipping should be around $40). The wheels themselves were $100 for all 4 brand new, so this is a great deal. The set of tires were $340 new.

Click here to see if these wheels will work with your car's bolt pattern. If your car's wheels have 4 lugnuts it's most likely 100mm and will fit.

She currently sits in the garage and sleeps well at night knowing that she gets to see nothing but twisty roads, palm trees and sunny weather year round now. :D



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Weren't you selling these last year?
I was. I thought I'd need them when I thought I'd move to wherever I was going to be based in the East Coast, but I decided to live in San Diego and commute to my LGA base. So, no need for snow tires.


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Dude, you're rollin a Civic coupe in San Diego. You need to lower that thing and tho' some Daytons on it.