on line degree?


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there is a flight school in my area that offers the online degree from utah valley. I cant find info to see how long it takes to complete classes? Or how much it costs. If anyone has info that would be great
Why UVSC? Because you can use the ratings for credit to shorten the degree time? Get a real degree that would be useful to you. Plenty of accredited online colleges out there.
UVU costs about $20,000 for a Bachelors degree start to finish (tuition only not including flight training). They are an acredited State School and aviation is the only online degree program they offer. (they used to be a state technical college) The nice thing about the aviation degree is that they figure in flight training as part of your cost of attendance for financial aid so you don't have to take out a high interest variable rate private loan (if you qualify for the maximum in grants and student loans and can afford to pay a little out of pocket.)

If you don't have a profession currently, many on this board recomend a non-aviation degree so you have something to fall back on when times are tough like now. Since I have 10 years of management experience and a solid career I find the aviation degree to be a win win because I get a degree in something that interests me and I can use financial aid & my employer's tuition reimbursement to pay for my flight training.

Classes run concurrent with the regular school year, you can work ahead but you complete your degree at a regular pace just like any other 4 year school. (you can get course credit for certificates you've already aquired)

If you want a non-aviation degree I recomend Western Governers University. They have a great online program. The university was founded by several governers of western states that wanted an affordable credible option for online students.
This is just a question for discussion...

Does anyone on here think that an online degree pulls as much weight as a regular bachelors degree?

My opinion is no.
This is just a question for discussion...

Does anyone on here think that an online degree pulls as much weight as a regular bachelors degree?

My opinion is no.

It depends on the school. Some are seen as diploma mills others are seen as strong and reputable and cary as much prestige as many traditional universities. Some state schools don't even diffirentiate between their online and traditional degrees so noone would know unless you told them.

For the most part though you'll find a degree is only a key to open the door. (there are exceptions to this rule such as specialized fields like engineering) Generally speaking though once you've established your career all that matters is your experience professional network and interviewing skills. Like an earlier poster said at that point the degree is nothing more than a very expensive "yes or no" check mark that determines if you get the chance to interview (were you got it from is irrelevant.)

In business once your ready to start gunning for senior management positions where you got your MBA from can have some pull but it's mostly networking. At that level of the game who you know strongly influences hiring decisions. Senior management is very rarely hired from outside the hiring managers professional circle unless you command a strong reputation within your industry.