On campus accommodation costs?


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Hey can someone tell me how much it costs to live on campus? does $15k for room and board for 10mo sound about right? what's the monthy rate?

That is way too much for room costs. Maybe you eat a lot! A single room (the most expensive) is $22/night or $660/month. That includes utilities and cable.
The single-occupancy bungalows go for $22-25 a night. The 3-person apartments go for $16 a night and you have your own bedroom. All are fully furnished, include all utilities and I think weekly housekeeping service. I'm planning on the 3BR apartments for a while. I'll probably move off campus at some point, but the convenience of being on campus will be nice, especially at first. The FSI website has a PDF of on-campus housing information including floorplans.

So we are at a max of $4800-7500 for room costs for 10 months. What you eat is up to you.
how much for the dorms? when do you start craig?

Well living on campus would save me from buying a car and furnature

I'm in the Jan 3 private audit class. The 2-bed dormitory style rooms are $12 a night. No kitchen at all-I don't think those rooms even have a refrigerator or microwave.

The $16/night apartments seemed to be the best combination of price vs. facilities.
Thanks guys i also wanted to post and ask about that. but i still have one more question I will be married before i will start training in FSI so i was asking are there beds big enough and if they arent can you bring in beds of your own into the dorm rooms?
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My single room has a queen.

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Does he leave at night?



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