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I don't work for Omni, but AFAIK, those are all DoD flights
True, but Omni is a DOD contractor. I used to fly there and we did SEA-Japan when I was there but I live in SEA and haven't seen Omni here in a while. I was told they are opening a SEA flight attendant base so maybe they're getting it back. I think the DOD flights that are R&R like that are 3 month contracts and seem to change hands pretty often. Last I heard it was southernjets subcontracting to Atlas.


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I live in SEA too. And yes, the European with a beachball was seen for a bit.

Our resident Omnipotent tool is flying that roue next month.


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Atlas was doing some of those flights recently. But looking at their schedule for the next few days I see nothing.