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Would love to own a first-generation bizjet. A Lear 23 with it's no-byass-straight-turbojet CJ-610 engines that rock with thunder and noise (SDL airport would have a heart attack) would be a good candidate.

Or an old Sabreliner 40 for the same reason.

On the airliner side, a 737-100 would be cool. Last one of those I remember was N708AW operated by America West as the Phoenix Suns team plane. Heard it was scrapped in 2000.


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I know what you mean, my choice would be the Lockheed Jetstar!

[/ QUOTE ]

Speaking of Jetstars, I still think that Discount Tire Company still flies one (along with a Lear 55) out of SDL. Used to love watching that thing fly. Flying for Discount was apparently a great gig too.


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There is a company out PDK that flies a sabreliner with viper kits on the engines. Not sure what they do but its loud and I mean very loud..I am sure its a guzzler also.


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I know it's not a jet, but we had an MU-2 show up a week or two ago... Thought a window was broke somewhere letting all that noise in!