Old Green Book Questions??


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I was browsing some FAA documents and under contract negotiation I saw the unions proposal before the IWR. I saw a section on starting pay for developementals. It defines a new hire as an individual who has never held an appointment with the federal government and theat they should start at the AG band upon graduatuation. Then a new entrant is defined as never bieng employed with the FAA as an ATCS and states that they will retain there curretn federal pay up to the developemental 3 pay band.

http://www.faa.gov/about/contract_negotiations/media/Appendix A.2 Union Proposals.pdf

Page 18 section 4A and 4B

MY question is am I interpretting this right? was this the same under the old rules or was it a proposed change? If it was the same under the old rules then if you were employed by the federal government you would maintain your current salary when you transferred over? Has anyone on here ever came to the FAA as an ATCS and received saved pay or had any other experience with this?


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I have that same question as a Federal Employee. I would be losing a considerably large amount of my yearly salary (at least in the first year or so as an ATC), contrary to popular beliefs or conventional wisdom of maintaining your current salary.


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Under the old system (green book), employees of other Federal agencies with ATC experience (2152) would be brought in at the same salary not to exceed the D-3 pay band of the facility they were assigned.

I was a federal employee working for the DoD before I made the switch to the FAA. There is no "save pay" any longer. Your FAA starting salary is based on the salary listed in the position announcement regardless if you have zero ATC experience or 10 years experience.