OKAY - Who was at TPF on Tuesday (9/17)??


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I was at TPF yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 17th) for my PPMEL/IA checkride and there was an ATP Seminole parked in front of the FBO.

Anybody on this board belong to that fine plane??

No one???

Okay.. cool.

Well.. if ANY of you ATP types ever fly over to TPF in Tampa (Peter O. Knight Airport) - drop me a line and I'll buy you a ... soda or something. Beer if you're not flying again that day.

if you are offering a free beer... IT WAS ME!!!

I did go to ATP though I am not there now... I "may" have been to Tampa before!
No. Just on the 17th around 2:30 p.m. I took off for my checkride at 3:00 p.m. and they were gone when I got back.
Hey there,

It was me and N41B! I flew to TPF from CRG to do my initial CFI oral and checkride with Dave Garner.

I passed! Yahoo! It was a great feeling! I just flew back home to Dallas today, so I''ll have to take a raincheck on the drink! But... hey... Thanks for offering!

Wait a minute... Dave had another checkride at 3... was that for you? If so, I saw you taxi out as we were loading up to head back to CRG.

If that was you... I believe you may have left the Master on and drained the battery the day before or something like that??? That's what Mr. Garner was explaining to me... So was it you??

Wait a minute... Dave had another checkride at 3... was that for you?

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Yessir - that was me.... and yessir, that was also me that (in my defense
) inadvertently left the Master on on Saturday. My checkride was supposed to be on Sunday, but... well.. you know the story.

Both my instructor and I KNOW I turned the Master off Saturday as I follow the checklist when shutting down. The master in the Travel Air is an old toggle style switch located on the right hand side of the panel.

All I can think of is that I hit it with my fat ass when getting out of the plane.

At any rate... Congrats on passing!!

If you're ever back this way - drop me a line and I'll buy the first round.