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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the help with past posts. I am interested in applying to Ohio State's aviation program for the Fall 2008 semester. It never hurts to apply, but does anybody know much about their program? I live in PA so it is only like a 6 hour drive for me to OSU. I would just like to get some more information before I would apply there. Thanks!


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I'm sorry I don't have any specific information on OSU aviation but just thought I would say that I think it would be fun to go to a school that seems to have an active social scene ( big football and basketball games, a guy to girl ratio that isn't 10:1) and also has a flight department.

oh and some may call it THE Ohio State University but to the Gator Nation Ohio State is Gator Bait!


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oh and some may call it THE Ohio State University but to the Gator Nation Ohio State is Gator Bait!
Heh heh heh. Hats off to Florida (and LSU.) At least we're kicking Michigan's butt regularly. :)

I had a blast there. Good school, good social scene and Columbus is a nice little city. (Well, it was little when I was there at least.)

I know nothing about the aviation program. I was a Journalism major but spent most of my time drinking beer, playing golf and chasing girls.

The amazing thing is the place felt huge at first, but by the time I graduated it felt a lot smaller. Couldn't walk to class without running into somebody I knew. I think at the time there were like 55,000 undergrads or something crazy like that.

I'd recommend it (just as I'd recommend a major in something other than aviation because, well, it's nice to be able to go get a "real" job if need be.)


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What are the requirements in order to become a student at OSU? cost for an associate or bachelor's degree there? I'm from another state so I'd thought I ask.


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3rd year aviation mgt major here. O-H! Hope to see you here. I'm in state tuition and I pay roughly $3500 for everything a quarter. I am not in the flight option but our aviation programs here are top notch. I wish you well