October specials!


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Greetings from Dutch Wings Flight School.​
October Specials:

Earn your Multi-Engine Add-On for $2170.00 including fuel surcharge! Includes 10hrs in the Seneca and 10hrs instruction.

Start your accelerated Private Pilot or Career Pilot Course. Our experienced instructors know how to make your training efficient and affordable.

Commercial Training
Come take advantage of our 1 WEEK Commercial Pilot Course for only $1299.00 including fuel surcharge. Includes 10hrs in the Arrow and 10hrs instruction
The Commercial Written Exam should be completed prior to training.
We have a CATS testing facility on campus.
Call 800 947 4228 to schedule your test.

Instrument Training

Fall is coming and the weather will be getting interesting. We train in actual conditions when available. All of our intsructors have more than 1000 hours total time with over 200 hours actual instrument time. Get real-world IFR experience with our Instrument Rating Program in one of our Garmin 430 Equipped Airplanes.
Piper Arrow II $103.00/hr including fuel surcharge
Liberty XL 2 $95.00/hr including fuel surcharge

[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] We hope to see you again soon. FLY SAFE.


Dutch Wings Flight School 503 McKeever Rd
Arcola, TX 77583
p 281 431 8866
f 281 431 0095