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Most airline jobs do not really work on location. You apply to the airline, and if they hire you you generally go to the most junior base (one of their main hubs, which could be JFK, or EWR depending on airline) and as you get more senior (duration spent at the airline) you become more senior and pick your bases. You could also commute like Doug does.


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Hey men i think the food court area is hiring at LaGuardia and JFK... I hear they need experienced personel with over 1,200hr TT on the Grill plus
200hr on the register... 4 year Degree is Recommened..

Hey men good luck with the job I heard it's very competative.. hope u can handle it.. : ? )
Delta at JFK, LGA, and EWR. Apps at Delta ticket offices and airport counters. Must have type rating on 767 and 200 touch-and-goes on the space shuttle to qualify...good luck.


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Probably the best way to find out if there are ramp jobs, etc., at a particular airport is to check with each airline that operates there. This includes checking the foreign carrier's that operate there.