NWA subsidary???


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atwonline said:
Upon closing of the merger, NWA will be an operating subsidiary of DL run by current DL President and CEO Ed Bastian, who will assume the titles of CEO and president of Northwest. Current President and CEO Doug Steenland will vacate the post and sit on the DL board.
So, what's up with that? Will NWA be used as regional feed perhaps for the new Delta?

How will this subsidary work in the new Delta, and how will it maybe utilized?



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It's just a legal formality for Delta to exert operational control until the SOC is issued, usually 12 months from DCC. There can be no mixing of metal or crews until after the SOC is issued.


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Basically the same deal as Airways and AWA. replace some names and voila, de ja vu.

Its all normal crap that happens with a 'merger'