NWA 744 New Livery

I doubt it cost much of anything. Supposedly the airline saves 20% with this scheme over the old 3-toned one.

Ahh...how do you save money by re-painting a plane? Japan Airlines has no paint on their planes and they only save like 4% annualy on fuel costs from the reduced weight I believe.


John Herreshoff
Pretty hot looking jet!

But considering NWA has one of the most ancient fleets on earth, it's lipstick on a pig!
But NWA is a great airline and even on one of their oldest DC-9's with the interior retrofit, the ride is smooth 'n comfy! I got lucky as was able to ride FC from SFO to MSP a few years ago and it was excpetional!

Except that 747-400. Alas, I'll never be able to fly an airplane so sweet... All of the pacific destinations that the -400 is built for are west of the eastern bank of the Mississippi River so well, lemme say that a certain airline's marketing gurus may feel westward expansion stopped with the Louisiana Purchase!
The new look is much better then the old one. Its kind of a modern, contemporary look....very cool. And I don't care what color it is....lookin at heavy metal like that is just saaaweeeeeet! Can I get an Amen!?!?
NWA saves 20% when they paint an aircraft with a new livery as opposed to the old one. In other words in costs them 80 percent of what it used to paint a new livery . The simplified design and two tone scheme makes it cheaper. Supposedly it's more of a cost cutting measure than an image redesign.

How much does it cost to paint say a 757?

Can't say I'm a big fan of the new NW livery. It looks kinda like a plain wrapper scheme. I've always like the current paint scheme with the red top and white belly. I'm sure the new scheme saves weight and therefore $$, but I hate to see the current scheme disappear. NW use to stand out on the ramp, now it'll just blend in.



The two airlines I always thought had the sharpest paint jobs going were NW and Royal Jordanian Airlines.


That's one of the reasons why AA doesn't paint their aircraft. Paint increases the weight of the airframe, thus increasing the fuel burn to lift it. The other is tradition. Some stuff I remembered from my employee handbook, when I was a ramp rat.