Nothing wrong with a little love tap' between airliners


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Incident: Ryanair B738 and American B763 at Barcelona on May 27th 2011, both aircraft departed despite ground collision and passenger complaints
By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jul 28th 2012 18:21Z, last updated Saturday, Jul 28th 2012 18:21Z
An American Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration N366AA performing flight AA-67 from Barcelona,SP (Spain) to New York JFK,NY (USA), had taxied to the holding point runway 25L and was holding short of the runway.
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-EKB performing flight FR-8136 from Barcelona,SP (Spain) to Ibiza,SP (Spain) with 169 passengers and 6 crew, was taxiing along Barcelona's taxiway K for departure from runway 25L and was maneouvering to pass behind the Boeing 767-300.
A number of passengers on board of the Boeing 737-800 observed the right hand wing of the aircraft contact the tailplane of the Boeing 767-300 and rose out of their seats attracting the attention of a flight attendant. A passenger told the flight attendant, that their aircraft had hit the aircraft besides them. The flight attendant contacted the purser, who instructed her to contact the flight deck, she contacted the flight deck and informed the captain that passengers had seen their aircraft had hit another aircraft. The captain responded however everything was fine and she continued with the takeoff about 2 minutes after the Boeing 767.

Well OK then...2 other forums claim that this captain was involved in an over-run last year. Not quite sure what to make of this...if I was a passenger I'd be freaking out too.

Sorry, I hit enter and posted the topic before I was done with the title, it was going to say "Nothing wrong with a little 'love tap' between airliners".


If they tried to continue heading for departure with me on board they would've been trying to takeoff with a missing exit and a slide hanging off the side of the airplane...


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Geez, everyone here in Europe knows that the Ryanair guys are always in a hurry and under pressure by their CEO, but this seems ridiculous.

I take it that nobody on board the AA plane knew?


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I'd love to see what the damage was. Some "taps" really don't do anything. Not at least physically getting out and checking seems crazy. Getting it actually looked at would be best obviously. 737, so I'm assuming the winglet hit something. Not sure you'd be able to tell from the cockpit that something wasn't damaged...


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You have to understand, I'm not trying to be a prick ... I'm a guy, I'm not on a crusade to police the internet for 'inappropriate' humor, but IMO that sort of talk (And I've seen a surprising amount of it around here) really seems blatantly off-color. To me, that's the sort of truly harmful sexism .. the wink and nod and chuckle sort .. and I had just hoped we were all above that by this point. I've flown with some amazing female pilots and instructors, and I felt as shocked when I read that as I would have had it been a racist joke.

Eh, I dunno. It just seems wrong to treat this as "just a funny" ... women have been present since the beginning of aviation, and little slights like this really seem to fly in the face of the great things they've done, and continue to do, and I'm sorry but I had to say it. We're all equals to the sky, whatever race, gender or religion.

If you feel I'm overreacting, that's fine. You can reply or ignore it and I won't think the worse of you for it... I just needed to say it, and now I'm done. ^.^