Not accepted to take the ATSAT, BUT..


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I received this notice:

AT-SAT test list generated:
  • 08/26/2008 12:33:22 PM (Central Time): Thank you for submitting your application(s). At this time, you have not been selected to take the AT-SAT test. Please continue to check this area for AT-SAT status updates.
There are, however, several noticeable, and extenuating problems. One, I had already took the ATSAT in March of '08 and scored a 95. I applied to PUB1, was put on the list, but never offered a PEPC. Because of my failure to recognize that I had to keep applying, I did not do so until PUB4. In this case, I was given that aforementioned notice in August, but it was below the already accepted well qualified score. Figured it was because I had already taken the exam.

Now, I check it today 10/22, and all that exists under the information category for the ATSAT is that I was not authorized to take it, and NO LONGER is my well qualified score anywhere to be found on ASAP. No one at HR can give me answers, and to be honest, at this point, I am downright frustrated. If anyone has any answers to this riddle, and even to this process, please point me in the right direction.


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I possibly couldn't tell you where your score went, so I am going to at least answer your first question.

Your score is good 3 years from the date you took it, however, if you were not happy with your score, you may retake it one year from the date you last took it.

So, that is my guess as to why it gave you the above message.

My suggestion is to you if it reappears (and those who have their score in the system) print out that page so you have a hard copy of it. Saved a buddy of mine who went to a CTI. His score no longer appeared but he faxed in the copy of that front page and it was cleared up.

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After you log in, click on User Information. Then click the Test Information tab. Your score should still be there.