North American Institute of Aviation


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Anyone been there? I searched archives and didn't find a whole lot. It is only an hour and half from my house. I hear a few good things about it but would love to speak to a former student/instructor.

I was planning on FSI, but this place is a lot less money, close to home, etc. It is also 141 and I can use my GI Bill there which is what i want to do for obvious reasons. I would love to be able to go to school near home so my GF can keep her good job and be my sugarmomma...
I checked them out last week. I wasn't too impressed. It seems like a great school but the prices are approaching FSA's and I don't think it is nearly as nice as FSI. Apartments are all being redone. They are building a new main office as theirs was lost in a fire last year. They want have the total payment up front. I don't know I think I am leaning more and more to Ari or just sucking it up and going to FSA.