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Guys I have Private pilot ASEL and AMEL and want to pursue IR, Comm (SE & ME) as well as CFI.
I have been suggested North Aire Inc, Prescott, AZ.
It will be real nice of you folks to give me a first hand review of the school, suggestions for other schools in AZ are also welcome.


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I went from my instrument through my commerical multi there. Like me, there were alot of students from the ERAU program that became frustrated by their training process. So to speed things up we picked up alot of certificates at North Aire.

If I remember correctly it was actually more expensive than the university however, you can get done very fast. When I was done, I went back home to the DFW area to flight instruct at KGKY and thats where I am today.

The man you want to talk to up there is James Dunn. He will sit down with you and give you an estimated cost of the program. You can expect to pay more than what he says which is the bare minimum. The flight instructors that were there at the time were alot of fun to hang out with. But, I already knew them because they were either graduates or students themselves.

The greatest thing about training in Arizona is the weather. If you can think of any more specific questions ask away....


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Thanks for the reply.. I was wondering how come it was more expensive than the university?? do these folks like to drag on with the training or just the instructor and airplane rental cost is high?

What is the overall appreciation of the school? Would you suggest any other place in AZ?


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I got my commercial multi there in like 1982. If they are still in business since then, they must be doing something right.