non us citizen background check


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I know that since a couple of weeks, non US citizens permanent residents can again be trained on aircraft weighing more than 12500 lbs if they go through a background check.
I understood that the background check takes about 45 days to be completed.Nevertheless, somebody told me that the non us citizen pilot would have be put off the line every 6 months for 45 days to be background checked again. Could somebody tell me if it is true?
And if it is, how do you think it would affect the employer to hire a permanent resident pilot versus a Us citizen pilot.
has somebody been through this already?
check the web sites (see above)...
Not true for every 6 months....the ruling concern INITIAL training for 12/5 rule.
Once your trained, u don't fall into the category "non us cit. not rated/trained in a 125.....)