Non U.S. citizen background check


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Hey all

Just wondering if anyone knows what the background check involves before getting hired at an airline these days? I've heard all sorts of rumours, and can't seem to find any detailed information on the net. The latest one is that you have to wait 45 days before starting training, and then you have to be "grounded" every 6 months to do a background check, AGAIN!!, which can last two weeks! This all sounds just a tad absurd, but certainly wouldn't surprise me. However, what concerns me more is: are the regionals hiring non U.S. citizens (greencard holders/permanent residents) due to the hassle and obvious cost involved with these "security" procedures? Obviously any HR person I talk to is going to tell me "sure, we don't discriminate!" for fear of being slapped with a big lawsuit. But of course they could always fail you on some portion of the interview if they wanted to. Anyone know of any permanent residents who have been hired recently at any regional? Anyone have first hand knowledge of whats involved with the security checks? Please only answer if you know for sure or are reasonably sure of the answer....I appreciate getting peoples opinions, but I need hard facts on this issue.