Non-IFR GPS for DME only?


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Hey everyone. I have a question. Say I have an aircraft with no DME and a KLN90 GPS. The KLN90 GPS is IFR capable for terminal/enroute but this particular one is not IFR certified.

Well, without DME or DME from GPS, I'm limited to what approaches, SIDs, and STARs I can fly. So, I have a couple questions:

1. I think I know the answer to this, but, if I have an updated database in the KLN90, can I legally use it just for DME just to identify fixes?
2. If I have to get it IFR certified so I can use it, does it have to be slaved to a CDI and all of that good stuff just to use it as DME?
3. Would it be cheaper just to get a DME installed?
4. Are there any options I'm not thinking of?



The budget approach is to install a KNS-80, you can still file RNAV. Then use your non-certified GPS device for "assistance". The KNS-80 is actually a pretty sweet radio with multiple channels and DME hold which is great on approaches that have DME not on the localizer. I enjoy using it.