'no color signal control or night flight' CFI?


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I wouldn't say I'm colorblind, but the FAA would. Still, I want to be a pilot in some capacity. What would my chances of getting hired by a flight school be with the 'not valid for color signal control or night flight' restriction on my medical be? Slim to none?


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No night flight would mean you could not teach private pilots or Commercial Pilots, as there are night requirements for those certificates.

Unless you taught the day requirements and always had to have somebody else teach the night requirements.

I really don't know about whether or not you would get hired. I suppose somebody out there would, while others may not.

My personal opinion is that there would be way too many "maybes" to commit the time and money required for a very unsure outcome.


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Since I work from 8 in the morning, I rarely do night flying with my students. I usually ship them off to someone else that needs to the money for the night stuff. Maybe you can find other instructors that are the same way.

Like bdhill said, some may hire you, some may not.


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Have you taken a light gun test with your FSDO? You may not be able to pass the dot test given to you by your AME, but if you can pass the lantern test, or the light gun signal test, you can still get a certificate with no restrictions placed on it.