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I mean couldn't the captain have just told the gate agent to let her on the flight? Final authority, yada yada...


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I mean couldn't the captain have just told the gate agent to let her on the flight? Final authority, yada yada...
"Final authority" is typically for stuff on the plane. Getting into a pissing match with the gate agent over who's allowed access to the plane is a bit tougher a sell. That said, offering her a shirt (If it'd fit), or suggesting very strongly that she be allowed on the flight, would be my course of action. Then again, not all of the gate agents I work with work for the same company, so that makes it a little tougher to stand up on this issue.

If I were the captain, I likely would have handled it exactly like that one did, and media attention be damned. I would also have apologized up and down about the experience.


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I mean I certainly wouldn't do anything until she was on the plane. Then I also wouldn't do anything until a passenger complained. Then I would consult the Book Of Armaments to determine whether or not she was actually violating some rule. Judging by the picture, she wasn't dressed any more scandalously than like 25% of your SWA passengers, so I strongly suspect that I would be like "welcome aboard, Madam, please accept this drink coupon and this bag of whatever-we-have-that-aren't-peanuts-anymore as an apology for your inconvenience." Then I would lock the cockpit door and tell the F/O that he was dealing with this crap in the future.


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Definitely seen some revealing clothing in the airports, but then also have seen some stained pajamas that may or may not be freshly soiled with who knows what. Are both treated the same?

Glad I wasn't involved in this media blowout, what would you have done as captain?
I wouldn't leave the flight deck and go to the gate area to handle a customer issue. Not my job because more importantly, there's people trained for that. Also, this has nothing to do with being a puritan gate agent. Just look at her attire - it's inappropriate for flying on a plane. Bottom line she was looking for attention - and she got it.


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Time and place. An airliner is not one of them.

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Ok... but you didn't actually answer the question. Why is an airplane not the time or place for what she wore?
Because that looks like the top half of a two piece bathing suit at a beach? If you want to fly dressed like whatever you want, go private. That’s what it’s for. Common sense should apply to airline travel. Just wear some normal, comfortable, airplane attire, is it that hard?

But don’t let me police. Just as the airlines had to come out and say zero tolerance policy on face masks (not even medical excuse), they’re gonna have to print a list of allowed/not allowed clothing in the age of social media. I think someone creating a scene themselves and holding their phone to video record you and plaster you across YouTube and the local news is crappy which is why if I was the CA here, I would never have left the flight deck.