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Maxie....All the Drama. Come on my Brotha!!!!:nana2:
Naw, no drama, least not on my part. I put in for this three times. It finally took the third time. I had to have a serious heart to heart with Dave my boss.

I told him that for the past 4 months I've been working 10-12 hr days and 6-8 hrs on Saturday without arguement. And damnit I'm beat, and I need the time off.

After some talking he agreed and said put your request in again and don't worry I'll push it through again, no matter what. Don't worry what Fred (his boss) or HR said I'll do this for you.

Can you believe that, and I'm not even sleeping with him.

So, I finally got the green light.


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I guess the question is if he (dave) wants to sleep with you! :D Thats cool that you'll be there maing.