NJC 2023?

Is it too early to be asking about this? There is a craps table calling out my name and wondering minds want to know. ;)
I believe in the end of the 2022 thread there is mention of the 3rd week of October (19-22) but I am not the official word by any means
This is what I was referencing. This the only message I have seen regarding 2023. Where that stands will have to come from Doug and Kristie.

Soooo the date has been changed again due to the poll we just ran to verify participation.

Due to several (!) important factors, (Doug's schedule on 10/22 that cannot be moved, participation rate, inflation (like everyone else, we are getting hit too) and most importantly, the 25th JC Anniversary party we are planning for October 2023, we opted to move the event back to Halloween week (October 26-29) and meet everyone who can make it out at various lounges instead of our normal suite.

I truly apologize for those of you who could have made it out the previous week and not Halloween week.
Plan on coming out to Vegas from October 19, 2023 - October 22, 2023 for JC's 25th Anniversary party, as that is when we will plan NJC 2023.

Also, there is talk of a JC cruise in Jan/Feb 2023...stay tuned if you're interested in cruising with us. Where, dunno yet. HAHA
Thanks! Will leave it Doug and Kristie to let us know and in the meantime try my best to keep those dates open, utilizing my massive juniority.
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