Newest Commercial (Multi, no less) pilot in the West!


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I just got back, well a couple of hours agao anyway, from my initial commercial checkride. I did it in the Apache so it was a multi-comm to boot. I passed.

It went well (I even passed on the first try
) and really straight forward. But, damn it's just too friggin' hot in Southern AZ at 11:30 a.m.!

So now it's on to the the CFI-ME/CFII ratings and eventaully all the single engine stuff. But first I think I'm gonna learn how to really fly an airplane and get my tailwheel endorsement! I'm really looking forward to the tailwheel, actually.

The totals (if anyone cares):

328 Total Time
288 Multi Time
39.9 Single Engine Time
260-something PIC (Mostly Multi but some single)
120-something Sim. Instrument
2yrs on 8/27/03 from the day I got my Private.

I'll post the details in the Checkride Forum but the computer I have access to on the weekends is behind a firewall so I can't really get to fancy in terms of posting.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna get a steak and a nice cold Heineken and just relax tonight.
Hot as hell in AZ ain't it!

[/ QUOTE ]

At least you guys don't have the humidity like we do here in Hell... err.. Oklahoma..

I'm liking this lawn business idea less and less everyday...
Yeah, it was pretty hot out in my area in Cali too. Got all the way up ot 76 today

Thanks all! I'm flaying Sat and Sun (this coming weekend) in the Champ - looking forward to it.

pkloop - my father, brother and I went in together on a PA-23 Apache (twin) - that's all I've been flying.
Yeah it is too hot Doug - the state should pay its residents hazard pay or something to stay in-state over the summer!
When I passed my commercial, the examiner said nothing to me, I followed him into the office where 8-10 were sitting and, he turned to them and said "Here's one more jerk who thinks you should pay him to do this!" It was a good feeling.