New York City


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Well next month (October 18-20) I will be flying into New York City with jetBlue and staying at The Radisson JFK Airport. I just booked the flight and the hotel and was just woundering if anyone has ever flown jetBlue and would care to share a word about it or has stayed at that hotel. Some people have had some doubts about the hotel. And if anyone has any tips for anything to do in NY or in the airport let me know. Thanks everyone!
I'm trying to save some $$$ by staying at a hotel with an Airport Shuttle and I have already booked the hotel, then again I can cancel for free. Thanks for the advice though.
I flew on a UAL A320 last those things are soooooo quiet! Nice planes!
I live in New York, about 30 min from JFK. I have traveled on JetBlue twice going from JFK-FLL, and three times going from JFK-SLC. My experiences on JetBlue were GREAT. From the second you walk in the terminal, you are treated by a very friendly staff, that is actually having fun doing their jobs. All of my flights with them were on time. The planes are awesome. They are new, and very quiet. The free DirectTV is great, too. The only complaint I have with them is that their seat pitch isn't too good. It will probably be fine going from BUF-JFK, but wasn't all that comfortable going from SLC-JFK. I heard they are going to increases seat pitch though.

While your staying in NYC, I would definetly recommend staying in Manhattan. In case you don't know the area real well, while JFK is technically in New York City, is not in a particularly nice area. It is in queens, which will take you a while to get to Manhattan from, using public transportation.

When I go to JFK, I usually try and spot planes in terminal 1. It is a new international terminal. In this terminal there is a food court up the escalators that anyone (non ticketed passangers) can get to. From here you get a great view of Runway 13R/31L.

If you want any more info about the area, feel free to ask.
PLENTY to do in Manhattan; Times Square, Greenwich Village, Central Park, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, etc etc. The nightlife is amazing.
I think that we used to stay at the Radisson, but changed a year or so ago. I have done many overnights in Jamaica NY and would definitely recommend that you take a cab if you want to go anywhere. From what I've heard, it isn't a great neighborhood.

You could take a bus or subway into the city and there is plenty to do there. Fares from JFK are probably less than $10 round trip. A word of warning, subway schedules and routes can be confusing. They are much more complex than for other cities I've been to.