New Upcoming Perspective


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Hey guys, Im currently working on adding a new "Perspectives" article for Doug and for the website. I feel like a have some good info to share as an average joe who has been dealt some lucky cards thus far. I know when I was a CFI and waiting for the job to the next step I had many questions about the next step and what the first few weeks of being completly new are like. Well ive now experienced that and if their is anything you would liek to know about always feel free to PM me or ask on here. There are plenty of people on this site who have been to the places you are wanting to go. Just wanted to open the door to anyone who might want some info. ADIOS!

PS. the "perspectives" article is a work in progress, i want to experience a few more things online so it will be complete.


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Looking forward to it!

BTW - do you fly for Bojangles or do you just dig their chicken?

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You beat me to it, Stan!!!

How about a Jetcareers lunch at bojangles?? Man, that Cajun Filet Biscuit sounds good right about now....should I drive an hour to Clarksville??, too much to do today already.....