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Does It Really Matter....?
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Now that I have my ticket, many of my friends and family are excited and want to know when we are going flying. As we all know flying is not a cheap thing to do. I have flown with other pilots and we kind of swap the time. An hour in my plane for an hour in your plane type of thing. Anyway, I was just curious how others deal with people wanting to fly, but when it comes time to pay (pro-rata share of course) for the rental, they are nowhere to be found.
If you agree on something ahead of time and they're not around afterward, just don't take them up again.
Hunt them down and take your payment in limbs ...

Sorry, too much stress lately I guess.
I never took money of any passenger, I felt they were my guest in the aircraft and charging them was not the correct thing to do.
I may not have been clear, but if I am going up for whatever reason (log xc time, practice approaches, etc..) I have no problem with them riding along. I am not trying to make any money. Besides, I can't. It may give them the bug! On the other hand, if someone asks me to take them up to see the lakes, view, etc... then that is when I would expect that they chip in.
It's not a matter of "charging them" as Iain pointed out. It's basically asking them to help you out with the cost of the rental. Flying ain't cheap. If someone wants to go up, it's like anything else - they pay for a portion of the flight.
I make things clear prior to the flight. If I want people to help with the cost, I invite them on the condition that they pay whatever percentage I want (no more than pro rata).

If I am uncomfortable doing this (usually am)... I just invite them and plan on paying for it.
Could you define "pro rata" in this context, exactly? For instance, if you have two friends flying with you, and you spend $130 on the rental, and $50 on the gas for a total of $180, can you ask them to give you $80 each?
With 3 people and $180 dollars spent total, I believe you could only ask for $60 each. Then you would not be paying less than the pro ratia of expenses.

If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.
Iruppert has it right. 3 people, 130 rental, 50 gas, 180 total = pro-rata share of $60.

flying with your friends....Priceless
I just got my ticket not to long ago as well. I've been taking friends up and I haven't asked any to pay pro rata...

first because the buddies I've taken up so far have all been really good friends (as time goes on I'm sure I'll have a chance to take up acquaintences though),

second because I need to fly anyway (gotta build hours),

third because it is fun to have someone else along espcially when they think you are really smart because you can punch buttons in the correct sequence and not sound like an idiot on the radio),

and fourth, its really great to see the smile on the faces of those who haven't been in a small plane but a few times, if ever (not to mention the relief on their faces when we're back on terra firma.)

In my brief flying career I've gotten stuff for "free"...there's been a lot of nice folks out there (least of whom is my instructor) I figure it's my time to give a LITTLE back. Though I guess I don't see anything wrong with asking friends to help out, if it's necessary.