New Skywest Paint


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It's the 30 year paint scheme without the big 30 on the side. This will be the "generic" Skywest paint scheme that can float between the Delta and United systems.

Viper, I don't quite know what you're asking. . .

Yes, as pilots we fly in both the United Express and Delta Connection systems. Many times on the same trip. We'll take a UEX airplane into a city, spend the night, then take a DC airplane out. We have about a dozen cities that we serve with both United and Delta (into different hubs, of course). Example, I was on a trip and we flew Delta Connection from DFW to BNA, then the next morning flew UEX to Denver.

Is that what you were asking?
Chris- yesterday, someone told me that skywest doesn't consider time you build giving instruction in a twin or renting one as actual PIC time? Call it a weird question but is this true?
Fancy looking airplane! When you bounce between United & Delta flights, does your call sign ever change? Such as one leg is United, is that a United call sign, & then the next leg could that be a Delta call sign?

Do you have a Skywest dispatcher handling flights?

Just curious?
Do you ever mess up when making a PA announcement? Like after you get into DEN on a UA Express flight, say "thank you for choosing Skywest/Delta Connection, we hope to see you again real soon."
Yes, we always use the Skywest callsign. You can tell if it's Delta Connection or United Express flight by the flight number. All DC flights are 3XXX numbers and all UEX flights are 6XXX numbers. Our flights are handled by our own Skywest dispatchers in St. George, UT.

There have been times when some pilots, more like flight attendants that will mess up and say Skywest/Delta Connection on a United Express flight. . . of course I've never done that