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Well, I guess I fall into number 5 best, except that I have no real interest in flying for the majors...or regionals for that matter, unless its to build hours for a corporate/fractional gig. For the time being, I'm fine instructing until I build enough hours to meet 135 mins.
What about a those of us who used to fly (Instrument ASEL) and want to fly again / advance if & when money, time or situation allows?

What about us weekend warroirs that are just happy flying around aimlessly in VFR evrye week or so.
Anyone notice the lone 0%?

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Kinda ironic, huh?

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This was/is the point I figured would come out, the person who IMed me was confused as to why I don't love to fly, I have said it before and will again.

Flying does three things for me.

1. Allows me to compete (air races) in cutting edge environments.
2. allows me to not sit in traffic ( provides transportation)
3. Gives me money, to pay for #1 and #2.

There is no "love" it pretty much scares me.

Hell about 5 hours ago single pilot, in single engine, non anti-ice mooney at 9000ft Solid IFR over RKA it was 33degrees F I watched the "rain" stop half way up the windshield. and that BLOWS!
I voted for number five, in about a week I will switch it to number six. Right now it is just a little frustrating waiting for the training to start. We almost flew this morning, but the plane broke on the return flight last night and it wasn't fixed yet.
Well I meant to click #3... think I cliced #4 by accident... Oh well!

I KNOW I want to fly for a living.... BUT (always a but) I have no clue what facet of aviation I want to persue... if anyone knows please PM me
None of the above. I am currently working in a non-flying field planning to make the change when circumstances allow.
Put me in group 7. I fly airliners because they pay me. Period. It's a job.

Being an airline pilot was only a means to an end. Specifically, making enough cash to be able to own my own airplane. I guess that maybe I should be in another catagory. I fly for a living, but only because I want to make enough money to be able to fly for fun.

confused? So am I. :)


Guys who want to be pilots, but are not students yet.

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Whuuu-whooo! I'm vote #2 on the new new poll. Amazing, we seem to have 100% of the vote too
Here's mine:

Love flying, absolutely LOVE it, couldn't think of anyting I would rather do for a living, and have decided against a career in aviation due to the fact that it's almost certain to be financial suicide.

Can't win 'em all I guess....