New Planes and What I think about Sierra


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Sierra has gotten 5 new twins and are the process of weeding out the MX pigs. Sierra has been working hard, in my opinion on getting the school working more effectivly. The head flight instructor is motivated and seems to have some great time saving plans for the students. But there is one thing I have noticed in all the people whom post stuff. Most want guaranteed interviews, and actually do not realize what they are getting into. NO matter where you go it will be competitive, expensive and hard. I went to a top 50 university have an worked in some of the most competitive, money hungery industries. And this industry takes the cake. So do not just choose a school which looks like the easier or less painfull or you will not survive. I would rather have a nice meal on paper, then a crappy one on fine china (quote from Mom). My experience at Sierra has been up and down, but the instruction is awsome, all the instructors I would not mind having a beer with, most I have had many with. The whole school I feel is out for everyones best interests (people are always ready to help) and people here will take time and work with you. I have been here for 1 year and can say this was one of my best chioces. San Francisco is 15 minutes away and Tahoe is 2 hours, my instrusment training was awsome, 6 ILS in less then 50 nm. Twice I got to shoot the OAK commercial runways ILS in actual. And once I went to SFO, mind you these were all sunday night, late. But I wanted to and I got to.There are alot of small airports, and we have three really close were when you are almost done with you instrument you get to run the gauntlet, three back to back approaches all leading into each other, NDB to VOR to ILS, the hard part is while in the missed you must set up for the next. but all the missed are intersection holds, so stuff gets really nuts. You can not bet the location, the rent is not as bad as people think. Not cheap, but whom wants to live in swamp land. And the school is now speeding up training, but not losing its focus of airline standards. That is all I have to say about Sierra, any other questions, I will try to ansewer.


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Peronsally I like Sierra Academy, and Im glad they finally got some new twins and replacing some of the older 172's, however they still need some more in my opinion as there still seems to be some scheduling issues from time to time with MXed aircraft. While I think I have only got MXed like twice which isnt bad it would be nice to see some newer aircraft on the line.

What Id really like to see Sierra do is give us more options for building multi-engine hours, I know some of the other big part 141 schools have students do there instrutment, commercial all in the twins, while it would cost more the multi-time is extremely valuable in itself when it comes to pursuing the airlines. While its true you can build those hours as a instructor I would like to see what kind of hours the typical instructors really do get at Sierra on a monthly bases.

I think it would also be great if Sierra had some advance airline courses such as LOFT training in a Turbine type simulator (King air, or Saab), along with some actual in a turboprop aircraft, to allow for high altitude, and high performance endorsements.

I guess Ill just keep dreaming