New pilot...


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As of yesterday, the 8th of February, all should be wary of a new pilot in and around the Anchorage area.

I passed my checkride with flying (eehh...get it?) colors. All went great!

The stats are:

November 16th - February 8th
part 61
40.4 hrs
$7763.95 including a $98.00 class 3 medical
30.4 dual, 10 solo
95% written test

All went smooth. All I can suggest if part 61, is read ahead, fly 3 to 4 times a week, then recap readings after flights and then ppl in your hands with no problems.

This site has been great to learn from.

Congratulations Jason!

When you get a chance... take a moment and just sit down and write about your day, from the time you woke up. Do it now while the little details about the day are fresh on your mind. I promise that it will be something that you'll enjoy reading again and again over the years.

Fly safe!

contactground.9 - Maybe I had a nice set of easy questions handed my way.

pilotforhire587 - Just a nice, sound cessna 150.