New Photos From The Air!

After awhile, I was getting those wierd tripod graphics too. Check it out now, it shouldn't do that anymore now that it's on a seperate page.
Sweeeeeeet Shots!!

I cant wait till I can go off on my own in another month or so and can just take pictures from above of whatever I want. Im really looking forward to flying over/near the Flatirons and NCAR in Boulder. That would make some sweet shots early in the morning if you shoot to the west. Gotta make sure the windows are spotless though or shoot through an open window.

Great shots, cant wait to take some myself!


I actually tried getting a shot of the Boulder Flatirons on my last trip to BJC, but it was during late dusk and so it didn't turn out too well. Hopefully you'll have better luck.

I also found that shooting forward from the nose tends to blur the pictures because of the prop. It could depend on your camera (I was using an 800 speed 35mm), but that's just something to keep in mind. (Turns out the shot of mine that was blurry was the one of the CSU campus I was trying to get.)
Ah things look so much cooler from the air! I'm looking forward to looking out the window of a Qantas 744 as I come into LAX in a few weeks, hopefully I'll get a new ER with 777 cabin stylings and in seat entertainment screens, a friend got to ride on one that was just a week old about 6months ago. Mmmm new plane smell.