New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Donny Boy

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I just completed my first solo XC today. What a great feeing! Can't wait for the next one! Flew from LWM-LCI. Passed over this, and being the huge NASCAR fan that i am (Go Clint Bowyer! #33) i had to snap a pic. Notice the helipad right above the tire....during the weekend of the race, that is one busy heliport!

Congrats on the Solo!

Being an Aussie, we don't get a lot of coverage of NASCAR events, but when we do it's GO AMBROSE!!
Nice job! I had students take me from ASH-5M3 a number of times for stage checks; the speedway usually ended up being a great visual checkpoint (assuming we were heading in the correct direction to start!)
Thanks guys! Good feeling to finally be doing my solo XC's....i'm currently 17, been at my private since 14. This flying thing is expensive!! In any case, i'm almost there! Off to EEN next week. :]