New FA forum (under Airline Pilots forum)


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is open for biz....tell all yer FA's....

and we are planning on keeping it VERY professional (ie: don't make us work hard or ELSE!!!!:panic:)

MQAAord is going to be the initial forum moderator... we'll be adding Qgar on as a forum leader as that forum grows.

Congrats to both ladies!! They helped change our minds in thinking that we could/can grow a successfully *professional* Flight Attendant forum without the unnecessary drool from all the guys on the board. :D


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Thanks, Kristie! Should be fun and interesting to get the insight of the "other" crew members who work a flight. :) Oh, and I have complete confidence in my pilot pals---they will behave! ;)


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I'll tell the wife about it now......


Wife: Yes, honey, what can I do for you?

Me: Uh, on this innerweb site deal that I spend way too much time on, they have a new forum for you and your people.



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Awesome addition. I think it's a good chance for us pilot types to learn a bit from the cabin crews just as we have from the ATC guys. Not to mention, the JC juju gets to grow a little more within the industry. Good stuff!


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I think it's a great idea as well.

It's important that we further the notion of Flight Attendants as vital members of the crew, not just "airline hospitality".


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Good lord, we've already had one JC-induced pregnancy!

Better double down on the liability insurance, Dough!
I can't vouch for the rest of 'em, but THIS FA can't ever get pregnant again!!! :nana2: :rawk: :bandit: :D


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That's about as scary as Monty Python's "Comfy Chair" in the Spanish Inquisition sketch!