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Hey everyone!

I passed my commerical checkride today (1/21/2004) as of 11am, EST.

Let me give you a break down of what transpired.

We hit a little snag to begin with. The maintenance guys futzed with the radios the night before and when I turned on the avionics, the number one comm would play ATIS no matter which frequency it was tuned to! No problem, we just shut down that radio and used the number 2 comm for the flight.

We took off, stayed closed traffic and did a normal takeoff/landing. My pattern left a little to be desired. It was more of a race track then a box. Examiner commented on that.

We did a go-around and a soft-field. Traffic pattern still looked like the Indy 500. Examiner commented again. Nailed my landing though. Examiner was impressed.

Another go around to an accuracy landing. Pattern looked like it should. Examiner commented, "see? that's how it should look." Little late pointing out landing point (on base), examiner didn't mind.

Go around and begin on our x/c. X/c was to the north west (Oshkosh was our final destination). Headed towards our first checkpoint (Boiler VOR). Examiner made a little chit-chat and picked at his teeth. Examiner was bored, I was nervous.

First checkpoint found, examiner thought it would be a good time to have me whip out my whiz wheel. "You've gone 14 miles in 8 minutes, how fast are you going?" My reply, "uhhhh...." His reply "when we get on the ground figure out that whiz wheel, now deviate to Delphi, Indiana. Let me know when you have the airport or town in sight."

Delphi was directly east of Boiler so I put in 090 in the OBS and flew east. Examiner busied himself with some dental hygene again (picked his teeth, looked out window). Found Delphi.

Examiner had me do some steep turns. Turns came out well. Examiner was silent.

Examiner had me do slow flight to a stall. Slow flight and stall came out well. No comment from examiner.

Then we did some lazy 8s. These came out really bad. I didn't get to my max pitch before the slice through, I ended 300' high on my last one; they were generally bad. Examiner took airplane. I thought I failed. "Have you ever seen one of these at 60 degrees of bank?" He asked me. "Never." I reply. Examiner demonstrates a lazy 8 at 60 degrees.

Then we do 8s on pylons. They went well. Winds were a little stronger than I expected. I did one to the right and one to the left. Examiner, bored of his mind, says, "okay... let's move on. you have this."

Head back to the airport for a short field landing. Nearly overtake a Purdue Warrior on final. Examimer yells at me and does the radio. I think checkride's over, but I nail the landing anyhow (right on my point!).

He goes in and does the paperwork and hands me a white piece of paper. I can't believe I passed! He really should have failed me on the lazy-8. Gives the post flight breakdown. Says he enjoys flying with me and gives me advice for my CFI.

Now, I'm a newly minted commerical pilot!!! I'm going to celebrate this weekend!!!
Cool man....congrats!!

I think lazy 8s should always be done with 60 degree bank, it just seems right (though it is not very 'lazy').

Thanks everyone!!!

This was more than a year in the making. At times I never thought I would make it, but now I have the license.

Time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty with the CFI!
Nice job!!! I hate lazy eights - for some reason I always seem to do better at 60* bank than at 30*

Now you can go out and get rich from flying!!!
Nice going!
Honestly, I thought my Lazy Eights were always better with 40 degrees bank all along, even 45 degrees. Also, RREEAALLYY Slow variation in pitch and bank - so slow it is boring..

Good to go! Now on to CFI, right?
Nice job!!! I hate lazy eights - for some reason I always seem to do better at 60* bank than at 30*

Now you can go out and get rich from flying!!!

[/ QUOTE ]

Definition of "rich"?
Congrats, how long did it take you after you got your PPL

[/ QUOTE ]

I got my PPL back in 2000 and the instrument in 2001. I was just lazy and put off getting my commerical until just recently.

Now, that I have it I'm going full bore into the next rating/license. Urgh... I hate studying for these things!