New Air Museum


Does It Really Matter....?
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I am just sitting at the pc watching the NBC NIghtly News. They are previewing the new Air and Space Museum that opens Dec 15th. Man does it look sweet. The main hanger is 3 football fields long and 10 stories high. They have a Concorde, Blackbird, Enola Gay, and many more SWEET looking planes. I have got to check this out....
I was there yesterday. Pretty awesome place. I have a bunch of pics but cant figure out how to post them here. Ill figure it out and post them later. there is a concord in there, space shuttle enterprise, stealth fighter, a boeing jet and countless others. The best part is the tower that sits in between localizers for runway 01 r/l . When we were up there we had several 777, 767, and one 747 fly by. You can watch them perfectly all the way to touchdown. The funniest part is the navigation room in the tower that talks about airspace, ils's, taxi markings, and atc. All stuff we take for granted as common knowledge(for most of us anyhow.)