Nervous tick


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I noticed with a new student the other day, on intro flight they had a neverous tick, it seemed to get worse as their stress level went up.
I carefully quized them on getting their student pilot certificate and medical and if they had anything in their background that would maybe be a problem (of cousrse they said no)

Does anyone have experience with this and would a doctor catch this in the medical?
I am worried they may lock up on me or put in a hard control input in the wrong place or wrong time. Prior to our next flight I am going to outright ask them because I worry about my safety as well

Any thoughts


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sounds like tourettes syndrome...In most cases these ticks or outbursts of sometimes profane words are mild...most people learn to live with them without it affecting their daily lives....I guess it is up to the AME to decide. One of my best friends Marko has it..when we were young we would always notice he would do this tick with his throat..weird, but we got used to it. I think it should be monitored and if it gets really bad during nervous conditions and you feel it is a safety problem for you then don't fly.....I think it is ok, after all you are a CFI, your the real PIC.



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Tough one. Like you said just be sensitive about like Im sure you will be but I agree its an issue. Curious, how old are they?

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Send him for a medical and let the AME decide. Many people have a nervous tic that is not tourettes syndrome. How many kids do you know who shake their leg in class? A lot.