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My name is Robert and Ive been a ME/SE commercial pilot for about 6 months now. Currently I have 400 TT with 310 of that ME. I have been searching for jobs for the last 3 months and funds are starting to run low and I still haven't been able to find a job or anything. No regionals will call me, nothing. So if anyone has any suggestions at all, that would be greatly appreaciated!



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Ok first, this is not the right forum for this, please read what the mods put up before posting, this is for jobs available, not jobs needed.

Now, to answer your question, what you need is flight time at this point. The job market is slowing down big time. A few years ago you needed 1000 total time to even get a call. We'll probably be seeing those numbers again shortly. And you'll be having pilots that already have worked for regionals in the past to compete with.

I would suggest getting your CFI. You may be able to find a job doing pipeline patrol, or taking up skydivers if you don't want to instruct. There are still a few regionals out there that are hiring and may call you with the times you have, but they aren't the most well liked places. I'm trying to avoid starting any fires here so I won't name them...

A lot of regionals are furloughing, not hiring. This job market can be rough. I was unemployeed at the end of last year and it took a LOOOONNNNGGG time for me to find a job, and I had my ATP and Lear experience. You may have to look at jobs you'd normally not consider, which is what I did and I finally got a call. The job hunt game sucks man, it takes time. Unfortunatly, things are getting worse right now and may be that way for awhile.

Sorry to be the proverbial black cloud, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but that is what seems to be going on right now. Are you checking websites like ? How's your resume? If you know someone that's good at reviewing them, try to get them to do so. If there is a problem with your resume, that could be hurting you big time.

I know it's rough, but also try to be willing to go where the jobs are, but at the same time, don't go to work for a shady place with horrible pay either.