Need Advice.....studying exams


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Im trying to use my free time over the holidays to study for my Transport Canada Private Pilot written exam (like the FAA exam for those in the states)...

Any advice on studying for it? Seems like theres a lot of information in (From the ground up).....Ive tried reading the entire book, but i think im probably picking up wayyy more then i actually need.

The test is divided into 4 sections

Aviation Law
Aircraft Ops & General Knowledge

each section has 25 questions......which i guess is the exact same as the FAA test, though I'm not too sure....

Any tips would be helpful.....Thanks
Maybe I can help, I took mine a few months ago. Don't read through all of FGU, do you have the test outline from TC? If not get that, think it's on their site as well. Then go over those topics and make sure you know everything about them. There were quite a few fog questions, and some oddballs like the longterm effects of using an octane lower than what your engine is rated for. I found that the written didn't really test your aviation knowledge, but more that of how well you could understand English, since most of the questions had two ways of looking at it and traps.
Best of luck, PM me if you have any other questions.
Hey man for studying the BEST book you can buy to study for your private is the Canadian Private Answer Guide by Aviation Publishers, a third th price of culhanes and will reference to books you already have, i work at a flight school and everyone that does it uses this book, i guarantee you'll pass if you go through the 600+ questions, good luck!