Need a time building partner in c. Fl


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Need a time building partner in FL/CT area

Finishing my instrument with about 205 hours, need to split cost of some time building for about 25 hours so I can get the comm rating. Let me know guys, Id be willing to do one long xc to get it done quickly. I live in FL but am from CT and wouldnt mind heading back home for a week.


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Crocker! Heard you had a few sic ratings now and youre loving life.. glad to hear it. Instructing as well? Whats the hourly rate? Im looking to do my commericial somewhere else its a little to expensive at Tradewinds. Walter still complains about not seeing you. Keep in touch ugly.


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What were you going to do the Commercial in?

Yeah, im guessing you guys suffered through a few hurricanes.

I only have 1 SIC right now, however it covers three planes, the III, VI and VII.

Hopefully getting into the 500 program someday which covers 12 more planes :)

Then maybe the X... ahhh I can hope.