Need a MEdical in ATL


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Anyone recommend someone in ATL? Not exactly looking for a thorough examination. In and Out.


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Dr. Stacy Vereen in East Point, GA--

All he does is flight physicals hence the reason his office is called FlightHealth. More Delta, AirTran and ASA guys go there than you can shake a stick at.


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$90?!?!?! I got mine for 20 bucks at Dr. Williams. He takes our insurance (United Healthcare)


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I think Vereen is also $90. I used to go to Walker back when I was a CFI at FFC. He gave free medicals to us if we referred our students to him.

Walker is a good guy and does a low stress medical but, Vereen has some other things going for him. First, he knows my family history because my dad went to him for decades and we both get blood-work and other tests done with him. Second, he is on the rules board (or whatever they call it) in OKC. Finally, if you ever want to go to Delta he helped write much of the computer based testing. Take that for what it is worth. Other than that he is a cool dude.