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The next NATCA meet and Greet at the Academy will be on October 22. Please see below the response I received on the NATCA BBS. I encourage all of you to attend as the Union is your only protection against an employer that could care less as to whether you succeed or not.

Thanks for asking Jonathan, The next M&G will be October 22. Lunch, for those going to the evening shift classes will be at 12:30 at Shorty Small's Restaurant. The big get-together is that night at the LaQuinta. 6:00 or 6:30. I'll forward you the flier when it comes out.

We're having more difficulty getting the word out. Since the students started getting per diem, they don't congregate at the cheaper places to stay like they used to. Also, off-the-streeters aren't as familiar with the FAA/NATCA/Labor/everything else involved with the new career as are DoD'ers, VRA's, CTI's etc. so they don't look for this kind of stuff. And the agency continues to make it difficult for us to advertise by muzzling the instructors. Word of mouth has always been our best avenue to turn people out.

(all comments above are mine and do not reflect the views of NATCA)

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I'm not sure that lack of information about NATCA activities is based on students having more money than before as much as it is a non-existent advertising of M&Gs. Not sure how much of that is tied to FAA policy, but as someone who is at the Academy, there's not a lot information available to us regarding the Union.

I can honestly say that no instructor has mentioned anything regarding the Union or any Union activities. Again, not sure if this is FAA policy or Raytheon (OU) policy, but it seems like the instructors just try to stay out of any sort of discussion of that nature.


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A few months ago, OU came down firmly with a memo "reminding" instructors that the FAA is their (OU's) customer, and that it a conflict of interest to promote Union activities while on the job.

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That stinks. I have been here for about 10 weeks and never knew they had these meet and greets until now. I will be done before they have the next one so it looks like all the information I will get will be from my facility. There is no way I am staying in OKC one second longer than actually necessary! Good luck to all. It stinks the FAA makes it so hard to get information out. Oh well nothing new to me.


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This would be REALLY good info. Could the moderator consider posting this in 2 places? Maybe in the main area as well as the OKC/Training area?


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The other Meet and Greets for the remainder of the calender year are November 13 and December 16th. Places and times to be announced.


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I can tell you there is NO NATCA presence anywhere around the Academy. I'm the only non-OTS person in my class and no one seems to know anything about NATCA or whats going on. I"m trying to talk some people into at least attending the meet and greet. I wanted to go to last month's meet and greet, but I was sick.

I'm not pro-union or anti-union, but i'm definetly going to be in the union at least until I get my rating. Then I'll decide where to go from there.


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Is there someplace to look online with more info? I'm still awaiting PEPC and TOL and so on but have never heard anything about this until today, either.