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Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Who is C.Miller?

Just for those low time pilots out there who may have an intrest in Nantucket Airlines. Rumor has it that they are putting together a direct track program with Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. Once you complete the CIME program you can interview (as a 300+ hour pilot), throw down some training cash, and go to the right seat after training. This is only one of the programs that are in the works at Flight Safety. The ASA program is already back in semi-full swing at the academy. C. Miller
I haven't heard anything about this...It would definately be interesting. I hear it's a great company to work for!

I haven't heard about it either but I'll ask at the instructor meeting tomorrow night and try and find out............

Seems a little fishy. Not really the star studded type of direct track program FSI usually goes for and it doesn't sound like they could use the SAAB 2000 for it. (someone has to pay the bills for that monster!)
I saw a posting today for Cape Air coming to FSA on Saturday. The flyer indicated that the meeting is a recruitment meeting for instructors looking for jobs. It appears that FSA students are not invited. The flyer indicated that Cape Air would be hiring qualified instructors for pilot positions. There was no hint or indication that any type of direct track program would be starting with Cape Air.
The truth is that a reliable source at Flight Safety has said that Nantucket Air has approached FSA about putting together a direct track program. Will it happen? Who knows. The good thing is that Flight Safety marketing is working hard to put together some options for the students and instructors.

P.S. C.Miller is a righteous dude!
Hey everybody, I'm finally in Vero and back online! (dialup unfortunately) At our orientation last Friday, they mentioned the Nantucket thing. Apparently, the person who is in charge of hiring is a FSI grad. I forget what the exact deal was but it's flying Cessna 402s in the Martha's Vinyard area during the Summer and then in St. Croix in the Winter. I saw a flyer up on the job listing board by classroom B. They were saying that it starts at 30k/year which ain't bad for building some multi time.

Did they refer to it as a potential opportunity for instructors or for a direct track type program for CIME grads?

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Now I could deal with that for quite a while...summer in the Northeast, and winter in the Carribean, flying tourists around in 402s. And for some decent pay!
From what I understand it may be a direct track. Cape Air will be at FSA this week or next to pick up some of our instructors. This is a good thing. CLR4ILS
The official info from managment was that at the moment they where coming to interview instructors. (they have not laid down any min. qualifactions as far as I know)
It did sound like they wanted only high time people- I'm not sure too many IPs in that position will jump ship for a 402.

It would be cool if they did interview CIME grads. St. Croix in the winter time? Could be worse.
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Pavelump - Is your name a reference to a weapons system? Pave Penny, Pave Way, Pave Tack, Pave Low, Pave Hawk, etc. etc. etc.

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no, if you flip the p's upside down, you get d's which is my name. dave lund (well sort of... just a stupid thing that I've had for a long time...) Can't say that I'm really that up on weapons systems.

ah! Just curious....

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You mean stop almost getting killed by students all day to fly scheduled 135 service (100% multi PIC...and gobs of it)) in real world somewhere besides Vero? I'd take it in a second if I were in the position!

Because you could hang out here for a few more months and possible move into a 121 FO slot (turbine time) as opposed to a 135 piston job.
The 402 is a nice airplane and is a step up from the Seminole, but not much of a step.

Last time I checked VRB was in the real I missing something?
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Last time I checked VRB was in the real I missing something?

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Yeah... Ice.



What part of the country are you from? There is no weather here. T-storms, yes, but not much frontal action, no seasonal changes, and as pavelump pointed out, no ice. Nantucket is famous for fog and scud wx.

Don't take me too serious ladies-I think I would give up a Sem. for a 402, esp. after hearing that presentation today. More then anything I think a job like that just sounds like flat out fun, nothing more. It would almost be worth passing on an airline job for a few years just to enjoy that kind of flying.