My tour


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I toured Ari Ben last week. All in all, pretty much what I have heard on here has been similar to my experience.

It is a very small operation. The building is small and old. The planes are old and don't have all the bells and whistles. That wasn't enough to keep me from imagining myself buzing all over Florida in them. It was a very informal environment. The instructors wore uniform shirts with khaki shorts (seemed much more comfortable than FSI's uniforms if it matters.)

I spoke with Julianne (sorry if I misspelled that and you are reading) and also Mike. Julianne and Mike were both friendly and down to earth. I wouldn't want to leave them alone with my girlfriend for too long as they look like ladie's men but I think I could do business with them. I toured FSI before and really liked the place. At FSI, they were prepared to give me a tour, had a big marketing pitch all ready for me and I was very impressed. It is an amazing school. It also has an amazing price tag that I can't afford in my current situation.

I also think I prefer the laid back environment at Ariben. Not laid back as in you don't have to work but laid back in that they don't spoon feed and regiment your life so much. I may be wrong about FSI but it was my impression that the place would be similar to some of the military schools I have been in. At ariben the course seems to be go at your pace. I am planning on geo-batching it so I figure I will work on flight training 13 hours each day and not so much on Sundays.

The price...Rocks!!! As a VA student, it will cost me about 18500 out of pocket. I can't train at an FBO for that amount. The multi time is awesome and if I could instruct, so much the better.

I guess all in all I was very comfortable with Ari Ben. I think I will be a good fit there. I am looking at one other school that is a bit more convenient to home but it costs more than Ari Ben and has very little multi time in the course. I think I will probably be going to Ari Ben in the not too distant future. I want to check with the BBB about them. I have heard some negatives on other boards but most of those are from students who went there years ago. I haven't heard much recently.
I can't start for a while. I am still in the Navy and won't be out for over a year. I think i will go sometime around September next year.