My PCSM score


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This is really embarrassing so say but I am just going to throw it out there. I did so bad on the TBAS test that it brought my PCSM score down to 23! I have 30 flight hours and scored a 69 on the AFOQT pilot portion. I'm submitting my resume today for an ANG refueling unit. I REALLY want this job. They are probably just going to laugh at me but I figure I'll just have to blow them away at the interview! LOL uuum-so-to-speak


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So I guess if anybody has any advice for me on how to improve my scores next time that would be great.. or what to expect now


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Welcome Solosister! The PCSM is a small part of the package, and it seems rather unfairly weighted towards higher flight hours. In other words, a person with the same aptitude as you with 250 hours may possibly score in the 80s or 90s (at least that was the case when I took it). Actually, I didn't even take the BAT test (as it was then called) or get a PCSM score until after I was selected for unit sponsorship. The AFOQT will be looked at, and 69 is a little low to be competitive, but the good news is that you may take it more than once (after a waiting period). The first time I took it as a freshman in college, I only scored in the 40s I think, but after a couple weeks of going through books and practicing for the test, I got a 75 on the second try (which luckily for me was my unit's "minimum" for consideration, anything above that was gravy). You're really close to that number already, which means you'll probably have no trouble bumping it up with some preparation. A "good" score to shoot for is somewhere in the 80s. Beyond that, get lots of "face time" around the unit and get to know the folks; that'll get you the interview. Good luck to you!


Not much you can do to improve your PCSM score, other than get flight time. But that's only going to help you a few points.

You either have good coordination or you don't.

On another note, check the AFOQT thread here and buy the ARCO book. That'll help you study.

Finally, don't suck and good luck.


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Assuming you only took the AFOQT once, get some study stuff and prepare and take it again. The more you actually fly, the better you'll probably do on that section since some of it can be learned by doing.

As for the PCSM/TBAS, I think you can take it twice with six months between. (I think.) If so, I would say the best prep you can do would be flying a real aircraft and possibly playing MS Flight Sim on your PC with a joystick.

Good luck.