MX careers in government sector?


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Are there A&P jobs out there in the federal government sector. Not so much contract but specific agencies? I know FEMA has an air operations division. DoD, NASA?
Who works on these airplanes. And how do you get to that point? Not looking for a job, just wondering what it takes to get there and whose actually working on the aircraft (contract or in-house).


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Yes. I'm a Federal technician and work on them full-time. I mostly fix Army rotary-wing (probably 99% of the time), but I occasionally work on Army fixed wing and have repaired Navy rotary-wing and USMC tilt-rotor wing aircraft too.
Meet the requirements and apply. Sometimes membership in the National Guard or Reserves is required for DoD technician positions, but not always.
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Not sure if it's a federal job, but someone I used to work with is working on NASAs Gulfstreams these days. I was told it wasn't a bad job. I heard they're taking care of a fleet of G-IIs and G-IIIs, not a job I'd want to do, but apparently they give them a lot of time to fix squawks and pay/benefits are good, oof, G-IIs seem to be unable to leave the ground without having some kind of issue.