Mutliple interviews


Well-Known Member I am an out of work fractional guy. When the company shut its doors for good of course went online and updated every resume and application that I had and even added some new ones. Delta and United of course have my stuff from airline apps though I meet their minimums I'm not sure I'm competitive enough. Within a week I have received phone calls for three interviews one with air Wisconsin one with trans States and one with Republic for the Q 400 deal. I am also going to Vegas this weekend for this job fair and pay the money to get some face time with a Spirit recruiter. Of course if Spirit takes a nibble I want to land that one no doubt. any advice on the others? I have all three of these interviews plus one more all within the next 10 days.
Dont really have any advice, just wishing you best of luck with the interviews. Three + the Spirit hunt all within 10 days sounds daunting. :eek2:
Because you never really know exactly what your date is going to be like, no matter HOW she appears online.
I take it that you dipped in that pot?! Lol...true dat. Not trying to stir politics etc. Just looking for tangible info and opinions tho I know ultimately I am looking for a short term stop-gap of 1-2 years to get picked up at a major.
I live in Kansas. No I'm not going, I have plenty to keep me busy for now as far as interviews go.

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Hey, I have class date in August with trans state. Supposed to be encouraging words about the company lol