Multi Comm ??

Brian Z

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I am finishing up my required training for the multi commercial. I think it will be done tonight. I say think as I am now unsure about my night hours. I have my private multi so all of what I am doing is PIC. However, the school I am at requires an instructor to be present so no solo flights in the twin. FAR 61.129(4) has the stipulation that an instructor can be in the plane as long as I perform the duties as PIC. Well I am since I am rated. Does that mean that I can use my 100 mile night x-c time towards the required five hours needed under 61.129(4)(ii)? My night x-c was 3.3 hours. Does that mean I only need 1.7 and 10 t/o and landings at a towered airport to fullfill the requirment?



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It is my understanding that you should be able to log the time as PIC as long as you are the sole manipulator of the controls and are appropriately rated. Since you seem to have met both of those requirements, then those 3.3 hrs will count towards your commercial rating.

I think what you're asking is if it is legal to haul the instructor around without being night current. I believe someone posed a similar question on the AOPA forums and the general consensus (with quotations from the FARs) was that it was OK to haul an instructor around if he's required to be there for insurance purposes and/or it is an instructional flight.