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If you could change/improve anything as FSI Vero, what would it be?

For example, I would update the computers in the library/Wx room/brief rooms, etc. etc.
Reduce the prices by 50%
. Well, that WOULD improve things, but I don't know if the mgmt would go for it.
What's wrong with the Frascas? Yeah, some had little bugs but I thought they were pretty good. They're meant to be hard to fly!
Frascas are great! Seriously, I do like them, just because they do make you a better pilot. But, I've done the 1 1/2 hr. sessions where you leave feeling drained. It's a love-hate relationship.
‘naut’s Top Ten List for changes at FSI Vero Beach:
10. Have automotive style keychain remotes that flash you’re aircrafts lights to aid in finding it on the ramp
9. Upgrade the Frasca graphics to Atari 2600 or maybe Colecovision
8. Install mountains in Charlie South for some varied terrain
7. Change the ‘no tie' policy to reflect the reality that there really is only one season
6. Allow ‘Step 2’ to be completed in one ‘long’ cross country
5. Explain to students how they will pay off Key loans at CFI salaries
4. Swap polyester uniforms for Bermuda shorts & a Madras shirt (& a pith helmet)
3. Get an STC approved for a pilot’s side map pocket in the New Seminoles
2. Install ‘Follow Me’ signs on back of fuel trucks so they can guide you to open parking spots late at night
1. Double the Final Approach speed of the Cadet when there are five or more ready for departure
Whats up with the prop turn times? I always heard people complain about them, but never even knew what or when they were for the seven months I was down there. Back to chunks topic. Computers in general (library & WX). I thought the Frascas were just dandy. The cost for the Zlin was silly. (the flights are great, but the flight rate is crazy. As Marcel was saying the Zlin is cheaper than a Cherokee to buy and costs less to maintain so why is it more than twice the flight rate?)

On a more serious note: I thought they needed a nice cooler of fruity popsicles at dispatch for when you come in from a hot one! It could be part of the aircraft sign in procedure.

Hey Dan where are you these days????
The 6:30 prop turn time I would do away with....if a student is planning a X-C flight they have to get up around 4:30 am to meet that time and preflighting a day flight with a flash light sucks.
Also no ties ever on the flight line. (Bermuda shorts is not such a bad idea..........)
I'd take a 0630 flight over a 1300 departure any day. Airs cooler, the afternoon build up over central FLA hasn't begun yet. Now, 1300 ground schools are a different story...

"The Zlin less to maintain than a Cherokee??"

I actually asked maintinence about it and they agreed. It sort of makes sense at this stage of the game since the Zlins are considerably newer than the Cadets. Though you have to think the overhaul the Zlins have been going through is pretty darn expensive.
FSI is self-insured....hence, no premiums...

A few more:

1. If the uniform IS A MUST, pullleeeeeaaaazzzeeee ditch the grey polyester! I think the pants and shirts are made out of recycled CD cases...I prefer the pith helmet idea! Dr. Livingston, I presume? oh yeah, no ties on the flight line....ever!

2. All cadets have 2 radios and possibly DME. Some of our schools competitors offer frickin' dual Garmin's in every plane. All I'm asking for is a backup COM. I kinda dig navigating the old fashion way, but NORDO is not the way to go!

3. If #2 is not feasible, night flights out of the area should be given IFR cadets.

4. I'd comment on the value of the MS lab, but I've avoided it, so I don't really know it's value. Any comments?

I'm happy with this place, but it could be improved with a few simple quality-of-life issues, like the uniforms.

I don't always dig how the fishbowl (well, one individual,really) treats students....I won't go further on that one...I know for a fact I'm not the only one.

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Hey Dan where are you these days????

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Me, right? I'm doing the CFI training right now. Had to take a bit of time off because of a death in the family.

What about you, are you back in Maine?
Been back in Maine for a couple of weeks now. Hoping to get my first student soon.
Now I know why I hated Florida so much! Goodluck with the CFI flying.
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Hoping to get my first student soon.

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Hey, congratulations bud. That is really good to read. Good luck, and keep in touch.