Moving / DFW area


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If things go right the next week I might be required to pick up and move to the Dallas - Fort Worth area very soon.

This will be my second real move as I lived in Europe for some time back in 2011. I'm doing a bunch of research on housing and area but I would like to hear from some of you that live or have lived in the area or have done this whole moving thing.

Single dude in late 20s going to be living on a very tight salary, I'm looking for a nice cheap apartment. Looks like there is a ton in the area. Can anyone tell me about places such as Euless, Bedford, Irving? Safe? Is credible resource?

How do you guys go about moving? Can you lease a place without seeing it? (Doesn't seem like a good idea). Fly out there for a weekend lease a place, come back and drive all your stuff down?

Any ideas, tips, or information greatly appreciated.
It would be cheaper to just drive down and stay in a hotel for a few days while you scope out apartments. And if it doesn't fit in the car, it doesn't go. Sell your stuff on craigslist and buy new stuff on craigslist or the thrift store. Shoot, I still buy stuff at thrift stores.

Our hotel is in Los Colinas, which is just North of Irving. From walking around a lot it seems like a real nice area. Not sure about housing costs there compared to other areas, though. But be sure to check it out.
Each area you listed can be a bit spotty depending on your idea of safe and what price range you are looking at for apartments.

If you are flying out of DFW, you should be able to find something decent in Bedford, and it will be very close in proximity to the airport.
There are ton of places around DFW, some are real shady others super nice. All those places listed are suburbs of Dallas/For Worth so it will be more spread out.

Las Colinas (as listed above) is a very-super nice business district with a growing residential community around it, it will not be that cheap.

I live just 2 miles north of downtown Dallas and am not that familiar with the areas surrounding DFW but to give you a relative distance, it takes about ~30 minutes from downtown Dallas to terminal E in NO TRAFFIC

I recommend researching Grapevine, Coppell, Euless, Hurst, Farmers Branch. (they are mostly residential/suburban living)
whew! Los Colinas is very nice, but high rent district, of course Europe ain't cheap,...
Single, buy the $3,500 little Motor home I acquired and live at Sandy Lake RV park, near D/FW.
Go to the lake and fish on days off.